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The traditional craftsmanship of Buldan

KIP's towels & throws are sourced from Turkey, in particular from the Aegean town of Buldan in Turkey's Denizli Province. Buldan has a centuries-old tradition of weaving and is renowned for its high-quality cloths, fabrics and towels.

Buldan weaving has been carried out on hand looms traditionally as well as semi-automatic and automatic shuttles in more recent years. Despite the proliferation of automatic shuttles, Buldan products are still artisan-made as the fringes of the Turkish towels are hand braided by local craftsmen and women. Buldan cloths, linens and towels are still largely woven in small family-owned mills and are a vital part of the local economy. As such, the most important source of income for the Buldan people is weaving.

It is no coincidence that the production techniques and fine designs of the famous Buldan cloths flourished here.  Buldan's rich history of weaving, a craft passed on from one generation to the next, access to historical commerce & trade routes as well as the abundant local source of natural dyes extracted from pomegranate barks, quince seeds, walnut leaves and acorns (all raw materials for dyeing) contributed to the development of this local industry.

Traditional weaving

The Turkish towels or peshtemals were a staple artefact of Turkish baths or hamams since the 14th century. They became even more culturally significant in the 17th century, as weaving techniques became more sophisticated and new natural materials like cotton and silk were introduced to the trade. Peshtemals became popular in the Ottoman court and with increasing demand  the designs became more ornate. During this period, Buldan strengthened its positioning as an important textile center and has succeeded in staying true to its legacy even today.

There is much to say about the history of the peshtemal (perhaps one we will reserve for another blog post), but it is no secret that it has enjoyed a recent revival with recognition and extended popularity in the West. They now adorn living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms and have become a must-have item for conscious consumers looking for real craftsmanship, local heritage, versatility and utility in their purchases.

We are here to support this important local craft and aim to bring you the best of Buldan. We hope our carefully curated pieces bring you joy and make your everyday life just a little bit more magical. 

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