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Travel & Lifestyle

  • Why “Scandi Boho” is one of the hottest interiors & lifestyle trends right now

    One of our favourite variations on the wildly popular Scandinavian design aesthetic expertly combines the minimalist vibe we have come to expect and love from the classical “Scandi” with bold patterns and splashes of colour for a more eclectic, more worldly “Boho” look - the "Scandi Boho". We explain in this blog post how you can achieve this look in your home and lifestyle with a few personal touches!
  • 5 Hacks to Pack Light and Travel Far this Summer

    A list of our top 5 travel and packing hacks to make the most of your luggage space. If you want to pack smart, you should select travel accessories that are versatile. Our recommendations in this blog include tips & tricks as well as product recommendations (e.g. Turkish towels are an ideal travel towel & accessory!)