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Why “Scandi Boho” is one of the hottest interiors & lifestyle trends right now

If you are reading this, chances are you have been exposed to the immensely popular Scandi aesthetic reigning interiors & lifestyle over the past few years. This form of Nordic aesthetic belongs to the school of modernism and values functionality and simplicity in design. This translates to minimalism in design as well as colour schemes, with calm and muted tones prevalent in home decor. Think simple and functional design in furniture, bare walls, lots of grey and cool tones to create that coveted Nordic “zen” feel.

Monochrome Scandinavian Design Trend

While the aesthetics of this look are objectively delightful, colour lovers and self-proclaimed maximalists cannot always align with the pure Scandi aesthetic. Therefore, recent years have witnessed a less purist approach to this popular trend. One of our favourite variations on this aesthetic expertly combines the minimalist vibe we have come to expect and love from the classical “Scandi” with bold patterns and splashes of colour for a more eclectic, more worldly “Boho” look.

Scandi Boho Interiors

The key to achieving this warmer, more welcoming vibe is by keeping the underlying Scandi minimalist aesthetic, while adding a dash of sophistication by layering colours and textures using primarily natural textiles & materials. Indoor plants, macrame wall hangings, gold accents on mirrors or frames, rugs and well crafted home textiles can help elevate your home (both indoors and outdoors for those summer garden parties!) to exude a warmer, more welcoming “boho” feel. In short, the Scandi Boho look has taken off because of the freedom of personal expression and unique touches it encourages to make a home feel truly like one’s own.

Boho Garden Backyard 

Our new line of ethically crafted cotton fouta towels & throws were inspired by this trend. We have worked closely with our family mill in the Aegean town of Buldan, Turkey in developing the tribal-looking patterns for our towels and are excited to bring you these wonderfully intricate woven designs in a variety of Mediterranean-inspired colours to elevate your everyday living.

We hope our Scandi Boho collection, among our other unique cotton accessories, inspire you and serve to add a special touch to your home or travels! ♡

Scandi Boho | Tribal Design Turkish Towels

Scandi Boho | Tribal Design Turkish Towels

Scandi Boho | Tribal Design Turkish Towels

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