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Festival in Coachella Valley | Cotton Peshtemal
Festival in Coachella Valley | Cotton Peshtemal

Festival in Coachella Valley | Cotton Peshtemal

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This coral orange Turkish towel has high energy and a sunny disposition just like the festival-goers in Coachella Valley! Inspired by the sunny weather and the beautiful Pacific coastline of Southern California, these luxurious artisan-made cotton peshtemals hand-knotted with long cotton fringes are sure to bring joy into your everyday living. 

Flat woven in line with traditional techniques, this towel packs up super compact either folding or rolling, and will not take up precious space in your bag or closet. Pack light and travel far with this towel - Take it with you on your next journey, to the boat, the spa, the gym, the beach or the park!

Better yet, this towel will get softer with every wash (a unique characteristic of the long-fibered Turkish cotton it is made of) and will last you years to come.

Origin: Buldan, Turkey 

Material: 100% Turkish Cotton 

Size: 35 x 71" (90 x 180cm) 

Weight: 0.85 lbs 

Some variance in colour, pattern and fringes is normal due to the manual production process and makes each towel truly unique. 

  • Highly versatile, use as a towel, throw, wrap or blanket
  • Lightweight & compact - takes up less than half the space than terrycloth towels when folded
  • Soft and durable - flat woven texture
  • Highly functional - absorbs water quickly and efficiently
  • Quick to dry (up to 3x faster than terrycloth towels) and more hygienic, preventing bacteria growth, mould and the typical terrycloth “wet towel smell” 
  • Ethically made - crafted in small family-owned mills, supporting the local craft of Buldan
  • Sustainable, made from pure 100% Turkish cotton

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