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Who we are

Kip Textiles is a lifestyle brand bringing you beautifully crafted luxurious cotton accessories with local heritage.

We work with small family owned mills in Buldan, an Aegean town in Turkey renowned for its centuries-old weaving tradition. We pride ourselves in supporting Buldan’s rich history of weaving, a craft passed on from one generation to the next.

Our aim is to share with you the best of what this amazing community has to offer.

Our products | Peshtemals

Peshtemals (also known as “Turkish Towels”) are multi-purpose, ethically made and sustainable textile products.

Our peshtemals are made from 100% Turkish cotton – a premium cotton with extra-long fibers – that gives them their signature lightweight and high absorption. Each piece is woven with traditional weaving techniques and hand knotted for the finish.

Traditionally a staple of the Turkish bath or hammam, the versatility and quality of peshtemals have made them increasingly popular or both indoor and outdoor use. They are now coveted items for the conscious consumer.

A highly versatile heritage item, the peshtemal is a quintessential lifestyle product. Peshtemals pack light and are great for traveling and the beach, and their eye catching design make them a perfect addition to your home as a bathroom essential or a luxurious focal point in your living room.


We hope our peshtemals - the blend of our modern style with traditional weaving techniques - bring you joy and make your everyday life just a little bit more magical.