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Santorini | Mediterranean Inspired Peshtemal Beach Towel & Throw
Santorini | Mediterranean Inspired Peshtemal Beach Towel & Throw

Santorini | Mediterranean Inspired Peshtemal Beach Towel & Throw

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Our Santorini towel is inspired by the mesmerising town of Oia on the famed volcanic island, well renowned for its white-washed houses and bright blue painted rooftops. The settlement was restored and brought to its current breathtaking state by local artists and those who embraced the "boho" lifestyle. Our Santorini towel is an homage to these artists who created one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

This textured luxe cotton towel can be used as a shawl, scarf, over-sized yet compact beach and travel towel. Its unique design, high quality and hand finished tassels also make it an excellent addition to your interiors!

Home Styling Tip: Couple up our Turkish towels with woven baskets and storage crates to create a rustic feel in your living room, bedroom or bathroom! 

Travel and Fashion Tip: Use our towels as a stylish wrap on top of beach wear - Our towels double up as a chic accessory and a beach essential as an oversized yet compact beach & travel towel. Kip peshtemals really are the ideal travel accessory!

The towels in the "Scandi Boho" collection expertly combine the highly functional and pragmatic approach we have come to expect and love from the classical “Scandi” design approach with bold patterns and splashes of colour from the Mediterranean for a more eclectic, more worldly “Boho” look. 


Origin: Buldan, Turkey 

Material: 100% Turkish Cotton 

Size: 35 x 71" (90 x 180cm) 

Weight: 0.80 lbs (360 grams)

Some variance in colour, pattern and fringes is normal due to the manual production process and makes each towel truly unique. 

  • Highly versatile, use as a bath or beach towel, a sarong, wrap or pareo, throw, focal point in home decor, etc.
  • Lightweight & compact - takes up less than half the space than terrycloth towels when folded
  • Soft and durable - flat woven texture
  • Highly functional - absorbs water quickly and efficiently
  • Quick to dry (up to 3x faster than terrycloth towels) and more hygienic, preventing bacteria growth, mould and the typical terrycloth “wet towel smell” 
  • Ethically made - crafted in small family-owned mills, supporting the local craft of Buldan
  • Sustainable, made from pure 100% Turkish cotton
*The wooden crate, lid and the lavender are for display purposes only and are not included with the towel.