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Wicker Black | Textured Peshtemal towel
Wicker Black | Textured Peshtemal towel

Wicker Black | Textured Peshtemal towel

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Our "Wicker" peshtemals are incredibly tactile and combine a checkered woven texture with horizontal stripe overlays. Finished with playfully twisted tassels, our Wicker peshtemal combines traditional Buldan weaving craftsmanship with a modern take on the intricate art of wicker weaving.

These Turkish towels are particularly soft, lightweight and durable.

Origin: Buldan, Turkey 

Material: 100% Turkish Cotton 

Size: 39 x 71" (100 x 180cm) 

Weight: 0.95 lbs 

Some variance in colour, pattern and fringes is normal due to the manual production process and makes each towel truly unique. 

  • Highly versatile, use as a bath or beach towel, a sarong, wrap or pareo, throw, etc.
  • Lightweight & compact - takes up less than half the space than terrycloth towels when folded
  • Soft and durable - flat woven texture
  • Highly functional - absorbs water quickly and efficiently
  • Quick to dry (up to 3x faster than terrycloth towels) and more hygienic, preventing bacteria growth, mould and the typical terrycloth “wet towel smell” 
  • Ethically made - crafted in small family-owned mills, supporting the local craft of Buldan
  • Sustainable, made from pure 100% Turkish cotton